Glebe Centre Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Chinese Unit

The Residence Building 6th floor is a special Cognitive Unit in that it is reserved for Chinese speaking residents.

lunchtime.jpgWhen this building was being designed, a decision was made, in consultation with the local Chinese Community, and with the approval of the Ministry of Health, that we would create a Resident Home Area (unit) dedicated to Chinese Residents. Several ethnic features have been incorporated in the design and operation of the unit:

Enormous support from the Chinese Community has been instrumental in making this dream a reality and a success, and they continue to support the residents. A special Donor Wall is at the entrance to the unit to honour the dedication of this community. (photo of the donor wall) The Chinese Program Facilitator provides appropriate activities, including Mahjong, and presents a Calendar of Events in Chinese.

There is a separate waiting list for access to this unit.