Glebe Centre Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your wait list?
The Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) manages the wait list for all long-term care homes.  Because our wait list is constantly changing, it is not possible to give an approximate waiting time. Please contact CCAC directly at 613 – 745 – 5525 | 613 – 745 – 5525 with any questions regarding wait times.

How many beds do you have? How many are secure accommodations?
The Glebe Centre has a total of 254 beds, which are divided among 8 units in two buildings. We offer ward, semi-private and private rooms. Fifty percent of our accommodations are secure.  We cannot accommodate a building preference in our application process.

Can my family member apply to the Chinese unit only?  
Yes, the sixth floor of the new building is for members of Ottawa’s Chinese community and the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) can designate a preference for the Chinese unit on your application. A number of staff working on this unit speak Mandarin or Cantonese. The Glebe Centre employs a chef who cooks traditional Chinese lunchtime meals for the sixth floor residents.  Activities on the Chinese unit are suited to meet specific cultural preferences as well as care levels and needs.

Are there opportunities for Residents living on secure units to go outside?
The Residents on secure units have access to two secure courtyards and two of the four units have balconies. In the warmer months there are many activities out of doors so Residents may enjoy these beautifully landscaped spaces. Additionally, we have a summer walking program as well as van trips for outdoor activities such as picnics.

What are the activities available for Residents?
Activities at the Glebe Centre are diverse and there is sure to be something for everyone. Please refer to the activity calendars for examples of how Residents at the Glebe Centre keep busy!

How many baths do Residents receive per week?
Baths and/or showers are scheduled twice per week and are supervised by nursing staff.

Can Residents keep their family doctor?
Yes, any Resident may keep their family doctor as long as the doctor follows the Long-Term Care Homes Act guidelines, comes to the Glebe Centre for any visits and is willing to be on call 24 hours a day.

Does the Glebe Centre offer any day programs for the community?
Abbotsford House is the Glebe Centre’s source for services and programs serving Ottawa’s 50+ community. Long-term care Residents are welcome to be members as well.  For more information, call 613-230-5730.

Does the Glebe Centre offer respite (short stay) accommodation?
At this time, the Glebe Centre does not offer any respite or short stay accommodation.