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New Horizon Grant Update

By Julie Ireton

With the help of a federal government grant program, Abbotsford at the Glebe Centre has a whole lot cooking.

The annual New Horizon grant, worth up to $25,000, helps the seniors’ activity centre across from Lansdowne Park stay vibrant and relevant, according to Karen Anne Blakely, Director of Community programs at Abbotsford at the Glebe Centre.

The grant is funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

In 2018, this money has helped with three different initiatives, starting with fixing up the main floor kitchen in the heritage farmhouse.

“We’ve remodeled the main floor kitchen which includes a stove, a vented hood fan microwave, heating table and new cabinetry,” said Blakely

Members come together to learn some specialized culinary skills and then provide the delicious results at various events. The aroma of tasty food has been wafting through the main floor all fall.

Another portion of this year’s grant will go towards the Ottawa Seniors Housing Alliance, an initiative involving several Abbotsford members.

The alliance is brainstorming different options for the elderly besides retirement or long term care homes such as living in smaller spaces, community living or co-sharing care options.  

Blakely says grant monies will be used to help set up a forum and bring in guest speakers to discuss how to solve housing issues for seniors throughout Ottawa.

The forum called, ‘My Place to Age’ will explore housing options for seniors, discuss priorities and provide informative lectures on Friday, November 30th 9:00am – 4:00 pm in Jean Pigott Hall at Ottawa City Hall.

There is a $10 registration fee that includes lunch that will also take place at city hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West.  

Everyone with an interest in seniors housing is encouraged to register and attend.  Please call: 613-798-3577 (extension 103) and/or find out more at

“It’s really about creating common spaces to socialize together and not be lonely as they age,” said Blakely.  “They want to create partnerships and tackle development of a housing plan.”

Another future project that will benefit from the New Horizons money is a friendly visit program to isolated seniors.

This special project will partner with local florists so volunteer visitors can drop off flowers and have a friendly visit with people who are just home from hospital, are socially isolated or physically frail.

The winter programming guide will be available mid-December.  Drop in to get your guide and find out when registration begins.  Your New Year resolutions can be fulfilled at Abbotsford.

Abbotsford is your community support centre for Adults 55+.  We are the community programs of The Glebe Centre Inc., a charitable, not-for-profit, organization which includes a 254 bed long term care home.  Find out more about our services by dropping by 950 Bank Street (the old stone house) Mon- Fri 9-4 pm, telephoning 613-230-5730 or by checking out all of The Glebe Centre facilities and community programs on our website:

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