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One Person’s Trash

By: Julie Ireton

Deep in the basement of Abbotsford House at the Glebe Centre are some hidden works of art that have been collected over many months, only to emerge for the annual, November bazaar.

“There’s some super interesting art work,” said Ian Carter, a volunteer at the senior’s centre across from Lansdowne Park. “Occasionally we also see the odd paint by numbers.”

So they aren’t all masterpieces, but the bazaar’s volunteer art team promises a few hundred paintings and prints, many of which are originals, at the Saturday Nov 24 sale.

Carter and other volunteers will spend more time over the next few weeks sorting and pricing the donated works.

It’s a task that can lead to some animated conversations about the value of a certain work, said Carter who holds a degree in art history and experience working at the National Gallery of Canada.

Some pieces come as seniors downsize from houses to apartments other donations come from estates.

 “The bottom line is that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” said Carter.

And that’s really what the annual, fundraising bazaar is all about.

The bazaar has a number of repeat customers including several collectors who’ve been known to camp out at the front door early in the morning, well before the 10 am opening.

There are a few notable paintings that require a professional eye when it comes to determining the value said Geoffrey Rider, Abbotsford member and volunteer.

This year, the highlight will be a couple of watercolour paintings, including one of the Glebe’s own Patterson Creek.

“Most of our art is original, we also get a fair number of prints, it generally runs in the amateur art category,” said Rider.

The sale will also feature some bins with cheaper art and empty frames priced at between $5 and $15.

“People buy what speaks to them,” said Rider. “People buy some of the art recognizing it’s poorly framed and if better framed will be wonderful.”

Abbotsford’s annual bazaar includes much more than art, also featured is a flea market, bake sale, jewelry, homemade crafts and teddy bears, books, stamps and much more.

Don’t miss the annual fundraising bazaar, mark Saturday November, 24 10 am – 2:30 pm on your calendar.

Abbotsford is your community support centre for Adults 55+.  We are the community programs of The Glebe Centre Inc., a charitable, not-for-profit, organization which includes a 254 bed long term care home.  Find out more about our services by dropping by 950 Bank Street (the old stone house) Mon- Fri 9-4 pm, telephoning 613-230-5730 or by checking out all of The Glebe Centre facilities and community programs on our website






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