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Services for Seniors at Abbotsford at The Glebe Centre

Services for Seniors at Abbotsford

By: Julie Ireton

With the help of her talented hands, Lisa Guadamuz offers relaxation, recovery from injury and pain management.

This registered massage therapist drops by Abbotsford at the Glebe Centre a few times a week to help seniors manage shoulder and hip ailments, concussion symptoms or back issues.

Massage therapy is just one of the many services being offered at the senior’s centre across from Lansdowne Park this fall.

“Sometimes people come for relaxation, but almost always there are other issues, said Guadamuz. “People with chronic migraines, spinal issues, and degenerative diseases respond well to massages. You have to be delicate and clear how you can help and what exercises they have to do on their own.”

Guadamuz also teaches exercise classes at Abbotsford. Her advanced core class and a cardio core and stretch class are offered this fall.

The popular cardio core and stretch group meets on Thursdays at 9 am to head outside for to walk or jog outside the centre.

She said this class is a favorite with active seniors who themselves requested an outdoor class.

“People with double hip replacements or undergoing chemotherapy are in the class right now. It’s whatever they can do. It’s social, it’s outside. Then we go inside for balance and core stretching,” said Guardamuz.

New physiotherapy services are also being added to the offering this fall.

On Mondays, starting this September, Chantal Genova, Managing Partner at HealthCircle will be coordinating the services of a registered physiotherapist at Abbotsford.

Regular physiotherapy can help improve strength and balance, reduce recovery time from injuries or surgeries; and reduce symptoms of pain according to Genova.

Footcare continues to be offered on Tuesday while Reflexology has been added to the Friday schedule with reflexology therapist Jennifer Bernius. Medical transportation and the City’s SnowGo program of snow removal are also services that can be arranged through Abbotsford.

The centre provides services to seniors in the Champlain Local Healthcare Integration Network catchment area. Call Abbotsford Reception for more information at: 613-230-5730

“Even if someone is outside our catchment area, we will help the person get to the organization that will best serve him or her,” said Karen Anne Blakely, director of community programs and services.

“We use Caredove which is an online referral system that connects the client to our partner organizations to set up an appointment to meet or speak on the phone with a representative who can assist the senior or caregiver in accessing programs. “

Any city of Ottawa resident, 55 or over is welcome to become a member of Abbotsford. With a $45 annual membership fee (pro-rated to $25 until Dec 31, 2018 for new members only).  Pick up your fall program guide at Abbotsford or look online on our website for the details.

Abbotsford is your community support centre for Adults 55+.  We are the community programs of The Glebe Centre Inc., a charitable, not-for-profit, organization which includes a 254 bed long term care home.  Find out more about our services by dropping by 950 Bank Street (the old stone house) Mon- Fri 9-4 pm, telephoning 613-230-5730 or by checking out all of The Glebe Centre facilities and community programs and services on our website

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