What’s up at Abbotsford


What a fabulous fundraiser that was! Thank you Abbotsford Volunteers for organizing such a great sale day.



Hand Exercises with Zarina!

Zarina is offering us an exercise class to help keep you fit at home.    Thank you Zarina!

Lorraine has her Broadway Dance ready for you at home..’Gotta Dance’!  Thank you Lorraine!

Coleen is here to help her Abbotsford students get their exercise at home!  Thank you Coleen! 

Make sure you go at your own pace, clear some space, get set up (water, soup cans/weights, stretch band, cordless telephone/cell too) use a chair for balance if you need it and keep fit!

Janice is helping keep us fit at home in these pandemic times…  Thank you Janice!

Another video from Katherine Arnup.  The topic focuses on taking care of the Cargiver in these Pandemic Times.  Thank You Katherine!