Outbreak Status

Sep 6th 2023

Hello family and friends,

The  confirmed Rhinovirus outbreak declared 2023-08-21 at THE GLEBE CENTER was declared over 2023-09-04

We have no other outbreaks at this time .

Thank you all for your support during this outbreak 



30th Aug 2023

Hello Family and Friends,

We are pleased to announce the respiratory outbreak in Monkwood has been declared over.

We currently have active respiratory outbreaks in Queenswood with one resident in isolation.

The tentative date to be out of Outbreak is Sep 3. 

Thank you



28th Aug 2023

Hello Family and Friends,

Kentwood –  COVID-19

The suspected COVID-19 outbreak in Kentwood has been declared over by Ottawa Public Health effective, 2023-08-25.

Monkwood -Rhinovirus

The outbreak on Monkwood continues, we had 4 residents linked to this outbreak.

There are 2 residents who are no longer symptomatic and are now off of isolation. The outbreak should be declared over on Aug. 30 assuming no additional residents have any symptoms

Queenswood -Rhinovirus

A respiratory outbreak has been declared on Queenswood Unit (4th  Floor) effective today, 2023-08-28 .

With this outbreak, we identified two residents with the Rhinovirus (common cold virus). Please note that both COVID and multiplex results are still pending for one of our resident.

Videos Refreshers for Families, Friends and Visitors:

All visitors are asked to please review the following video links:

How to Hand Wash | Public Health Ontario

Putting on Full Personal Protective Equipment | Public Health Ontario

Taking off Full Personal Protective Equipment | Public Health Ontario

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrx7OpFEk2E  – Safest Sneeze Test  

For questions, please contact the nurse on the unit or Sanja IPAC Manager.

Best regards,



22nd Aug 2023

Hello Family and Friends,

Outbreak Status at the Glebe Centre as of 10:00 am today

An unspecified respiratory outbreak has been declared on the Monkwood effective, 2023-08-21.  We have three symptomatic residents.

Please note that we received COVID-19 results and they are all negative but multiplex results are still pending at this time.

A COVID-19 suspected outbreak has been declared in  Kentwood. We have one positive resident case of COVID-19

Control measures have been initiated for these units.

Daily temperature checks will be completed on all residents in these units

All symptomatic residents will be isolated, placed on contact droplet precautions and tested

All residents are encouraged to remain in these units

Essential visitors  permitted on these units

No volunteers and general visitors in these units

Exceptions are permitted for palliative care and medical escorts

Staff must complete a Point-of-Care Risk Assessment (PCRA) before entering a resident’s room on these units.

Enhanced cleaning on these units

A procedural mask must be worn at all times when on these units

Eye protection and N-95 are recommended when on these units, but not mandatory

For questions, please contact Sanja at sderic@glebecentre.ca or ext. 379




June 28, 2023

The Glebe Centre will put the following changes into effect for all visitors and caregivers in response to the updated recommendations received June 23rd, 2023 from the Ministry of Long-Term Care.

We are delighted to announce that these changes will take effect right away. The modifications are summarised below:

Masking Requirements

  • Masks are recommended but no longer required for visitors and caregivers in all home areas.
  • For anyone who wants to wear one, masks will be accessible at all entrances as well as in the resident home areas.
  • All individuals are expected to use masks and other personal protective equipment as indicated by the IPAC manager/delegate in the home areas during an outbreak and if a resident is on additional precautions.
  • If a resident and or family member requests that a staff member wears a mask when providing care, signage will be posted on the residents’ door and masks will be available in the home area.

Physical Distancing and Cohorting

There are no more requirements or restrictions related to physical distancing or cohorting when we are not in outbreak.
The Gathering Place, the Bistro, and the outdoor spaces and balconies can now be used by residents and their loved ones, to enjoy a meal or snack without the need to distance or limit the number of individuals at each table. 

A sincere “Thank You!” for your assistance and understanding throughout the past few years!