About Us

The Glebe Centre has been the cornerstone of care for older residents of the Glebe and surrounding Ottawa area for over 130 years.  Beginning in 1886 as Ontario’s first Home for the Aged, the Glebe Centre has continued its dedication to seniors through the provision of services, facility-based care, and personal support.

The Glebe Centre is a CARF accredited, not for profit, community-based organization dedicated to providing the highest quality of programs and services.  Programs and services are designed to respond to the individual’s physical, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual needs while encouraging and facilitating the maximum degree of independence possible.

The Glebe Centre recognizes and promotes the active participation of older adults in the development and modification of policies and programs that affect them.  The Centre also works in partnership with other organizations and institutions involved in the field of aging to improve programs and services and respond to the needs of our aging population.


The Glebe Centre is a charitable organization that provides Long-Term Care and Community Services. We draw inspiration from our long history of excellence in care and innovation.

We are committed to:

  • Providing quality of care as defined by those we serve;
  • Developing new and innovative approaches to care to respond to changing needs and systemic pressures in healthcare;
  • Creating a culture that attracts and retains employees and volunteers committed to exceptional care and services.


To be the Home of choice for those who require long-term care and help seniors to stay safe and healthy in their homes as long as possible.


Our Values speak to the way in which we are committed to providing care and services to our Residents and Clients, the way in which we interact with our key stakeholders and providers, our business ethics and our appreciation for the vulnerable population that we serve. They speak to our responsibilities as a corporate citizen and our commitment to the betterment of our community.

Civility and Respect

We value Civility and Respect. We believe that we must provide the highest quality of care possible with a focus on Professionalism and Customer Service.

Safety and Security

We value Safety. We believe we must provide a safe place to live, visit, and work, free of abuse, neglect and discrimination, which are expressed through a policy of zero tolerance and proactive education and training.

Compassion for Those We Serve

We value Compassion for those we serve, which is expressed through the cultivation of loving kindness. It recognizes that all human life is sacred and embodies empathy for those less fortunate with enhanced sensitivity to the suffering of others.


We value innovation. We encourage new ideas that create value and an improved dimension of performance.